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Join Glowy AI as a skincare professional and take your skincare practice to the next level. Expand your social reach, become an ambassador, and be a thought leader in the skincare community.
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Why Become a Glowy Ambassador?

Global Reach & Impact

By joining Glowy AI as an ambassador, you have the unique opportunity to extend your expertise beyond borders, positioning yourself as a go-to authority in the world of skincare. You can positively impact the lives of individuals across the globe by helping them achieve their skincare goals.

Innovative & Collaborative Community

As an ambassador, you become a part of a cutting-edge platform that’s revolutionizing the skincare industry. You will join a community of like-minded professionals, with whom you can share knowledge, collaborate, and contribute to the growing repository of skincare wisdom.

Thought Leadership

We value your professional insights and expertise. Through Glowy AI, you can share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with our users. Engage in live Q&A sessions, offer exclusive interviews, and establish yourself as a trusted source of skincare advice. Take your thought leadership to new heights, connecting with a highly engaged community and making a lasting impact.

Flexible Growth & Professional Development

Join Glowy AI for a flexible working model that allows you to schedule consultations at your convenience, balancing work and personal commitments while expanding your practice. Experience the potential for financial growth through compensation for consultations and content contributions, and enhance your professional development with periodic training sessions and ongoing support provided by Glowy AI.

How to Become a Glowy AI Ambassador

1. Discover the Opportunity

2. Get Started

Sign up in just a few clicks! Fill out a brief form with your credentials, background, and areas of specialty. Our team will promptly review your information and connect with you to bring you onboard.

3. Empower & Thrive

Once you’re a Glowy AI ambassador, the world becomes your clinic. Engage with users, offer your expert advice, and help them uncover the perfect skincare routine. As you empower others, watch your own network and impact thrive.

Become a Glowy AI

Become a Glowy AI

Become a Glowy AI

Become a Glowy AI

Become a Glowy AI






Glowy AI Partnership FAQ

What is Glowy AI?

Glowy AI is a revolutionary skincare app that combines human expertise with advanced technology to provide personalized skincare solutions. Ambassadors, such as dermatologists and aestheticians, work with users to identify their skin concerns and goals, while the AI recommends products and routines tailored to their needs. We believe in democratizing skincare for all, and we would be thrilled to have you on board as a valued partner.

How do I Sign Up to Become a Glowy Ambassador?

Signing up is simple. Just head over to the ‘Become an Ambassador’ section on our website, fill out the form with your credentials and background information, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

Who Can Become a Glowy Ambassador?

Licensed dermatologists and certified aestheticians who have a passion for skincare and are interested in utilizing technology to enhance their practice are welcome to become ambassadors. We value expertise from various disciplines within the skincare industry and welcome professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional skincare experiences to join our ambassador network.

Is There Any Cost to Becoming a Glowy Ambassador?

There is no cost to join as an ambassador. In fact, you will be compensated for your consultations and contributions to the platform.

How are Ambassadors Compensated?

Ambassadors are compensated based on the number of consultations and the content contributions they make. Details regarding the compensation structure will be shared during the onboarding process.

Can I Work Flexible Hours as an Ambassador?

One of the benefits of being a Glowy AI ambassador is the flexibility it offers. You can choose your availability and schedule consultations according to your convenience.

How Will I Communicate With Glowy Users?

Ambassadors communicate with users through the Glowy AI app and through third-party video call service providers for a more personal interaction. This combination ensures a seamless and efficient way to offer your expertise to a global audience.

How Does Glowy AI Support Its Ambassadors?

Glowy AI is committed to supporting its ambassadors through various means, including technical support, periodic training sessions on the app’s features, and promoting your profile to reach a wider audience.

How Does Glowy AI Ensure the Privacy and Security of Consultations?

Glowy AI takes privacy and security very seriously. All consultations and data exchanges are encrypted and compliant with HIPAA and other relevant privacy regulations.

Can I Become an Ambassador if I am Outside of the United States?

Yes, Glowy AI is a global platform, and we welcome ambassadors from around the world. Our diverse community benefits from the range of expertise and backgrounds our international ambassadors bring.